Making You a Natural Roadster

At MISTAH DRIVER Auto School in Bronx, New York, we assure an integration of head-in-the-game and creative instincts and presence of mind in collaboration with rules of the road and traffic laws. Our driving instructors know how to explain things in basic and user-friendly language to accomplish the intuitive inclinations of the driver in you. Throw in a measure of goofiness for good fun and frolic, and that's us!

Customize Your Classes

Check out our package details on this page for more information. If you are already savvy about your driving skills and just want a refresher, you can customize your sessions based on your needs and areas of interest. We can work with your specific requirements to enhance your road knowledge and techniques. Simply initiate the discussion by calling us or shooting us an email.

Schedule of Fees

Cash on Delivery (Individual) Session

This is an introduction class for beginners or an evaluation situation for accomplished drivers.

45-Minute Session - $35


This is an introductory course for the novice driver
(includes car for road test).

10-Lesson Package - $375

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This course is specifically made for drivers with some road experience (includes car for road test).

5-Lesson Program - $230

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This is a mandatory rehearsal session in preparation for
a road test
(includes car for road test).

One Session - $110 

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